Monday, Sept 18 - Saturday, Oct 28

Join Corrina Richards and Marcia Vallier in committing to a 40 Day shift of mind and body. These two senior teachers have teamed up to bring you a comprehensive program of yoga, meditation, healthy eating and community support to help you re-create the life you want to live. Whether you struggle with stress, depression, insomnia, poor concentration, or bad habits, or  if you simply want to establish a consistent spiritual practice, the 40 Day ReStart will provide you with the tools for a healthy, happy and radiant life. 

Throughout the 40 Day ReStart you will be encouraged to keep a private journal of your personal experience. 

The 40 Day ReStart includes: 

Yoga: Practice six mornings per week in a private class for workshop participants only.

Meditation: Develop a daily practice, gradually moving away from the constant mental chatter and creating space for moments of inner peace and reflection. 

Nutrition: Learn ways to nourish your body by incorporating more whole foods into your diet.

Community: Discover an intimate network of support, encouragement and guidance...one of the most valuable parts of the 40 Day ReStart.

On-Line Forum: Utilize an exclusive, private online forum for discussion on themes, goals and provided materials. Engage with other group members and receive individualized attention from Marcia and Corrina.

Personal Support: Meet every Saturday morning after class to reflect and share on the week's themes and questions.

Class Times: 
Monday - Saturday, 6:00-7:00am (Asana & Meditation) Saturdays, 7:00-7:45am (Weekly Meeting) 
No class on Sundays 

$425, $375 if paid in full by Sept 1, 2017
*plus an additional $20 materials fee payable to instructors  

"This program had an amazing impact on me. The power of connecting to my own body through asana and meditation is incredibly powerful." ~Sally

"Since I completed the 40 Day ReStart, I feel confident that when I set a goal, I can attain it." ~Patty

"I was pumped to take this class because it was taught by my two favorite yoga teachers. Both of you are so different, and learning from you is truly an honor! It has been amazing." ~Bobbi

"This program became the reason to pay attention in my life—it was beneficial in so many ways." ~Merrill

"I want to thank Corrina and Marcia for their amazing program. It's one of the best programs I've taken anywhere. I really believe in what they do and I send my deepest gratitude." ~Cynthia

"You both were absolutely amazing throughout this program! The classes were accessible, balanced, and supportive. From the knowledge you imparted to your compassion and support... thank you for all you did to put this together." ~ Susan