Thai Yoga blends rhythmic acupressure and deep assisted stretches to relieve tension. A Thai yoga session can alleviate pain, tension and stress in the body, boost energy, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, and speed recovery from injury and the general wear-and-tear of a busy, active life. The therapeutic touch neutralizes stress in the body, thus defusing the underlying cause of a wide range of physical ailments including pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, fatigue and poor digestion.

Throughout the session you will rest on a floor mat, dressed in loose, comfortable clothing. The session consists of meditative motions, using a series of restorative yoga positions, to mindfully stretch the muscles. Treatments are gentle, firm, deep, soothing, stimulating or pain-relieving depending on your need. Each session is tailored to suit your unique constitution. Give your body an amazing gift and schedule a session today!

1-hour Session $80
1.5-hour Session $100