Practicing yoga can create calm and strength, relax the mind and body, improve body awareness, relieve stress and increase overall vitality.

Yoga acts both as a curative and a preventive therapy. At a physical level, yoga is extremely effective for a wide range of ailments including diabetes, digestive disorders, arthritis, low energy, asthma, body pain, headaches, heart conditions, weight reduction and general detoxification of the body.

Ongoing Classes & Workshops

I teach in the Hartford and West Hartford area. If you're local to Connecticut come take a class or workshop with me. And if you're not in the area you can browse through my yoga videos of poses that I often teach in class.

Private Yoga Sessions

Have you ever been in a yoga class and wished you could get specific feedback about your version of the pose? Are you new to yoga and would like a safe place to learn and grow? Would you like to deepen your practice with one-on-one support so that you can get stronger, more flexible, and achieve more focus? Then contact me for a private yoga session. 

Your private session will be tailored precisely to your individual needs and desires, affording you all the attention you need to feel confident learning and practicing yoga in a way that suits you. Private yoga sessions can be gentle, moderate or vigorous according to your taste.

Corporate Yoga Sessions

Yoga classes at the office offer your employees a counter-balance to the inevitable stress of a busy work environment. I design and deliver targeted classes to meet the needs of your team. With a strong focus on breath awareness, which is well documented to assist in managing stress, these highly tailored classes will leave your employees feeling relaxed and restored. Contact me to discuss the details of offering this service to your employees.